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Tools to talk about Digital and Sustainable Development


 Educational kits distributed 

180 educational kits were published in French, Italian and Belgian territories. No edition has been produced in the English language.

However, by going to the "Resource downloads" tab and checking the "English" box, you will see that some content is downloadable and printable in English. But not all.


 Create your own kit 

 To have the educational kit, you must download our content via the "Download our resources" area. You will find there free of charge all our media (cards, labels, photographs, educational sheets, etc.), in A4 format, so that they can be printed in a conventional way and therefore be deployed well beyond our editing capacities.

So far we have been able to translate the following resources into English:

- The European booklet to raising awareness of digital environmental, social and economic issues, challenges and impacts of digital technologies analyzed with regards to the United Nations Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development and its 17 Goals (100 pages).

- The Educational Pathway N. 2: what do you think, is it ecological?

- The Educational Pathway N. 5 - How to act?

- The training modules N. ....

(We are continuing to translate some content, this list will be completed soon)